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1pc: $99
2-4pcs $69
5pcs+ $50

Air Gap: 0.036″
Min Cap: 5.4pF
Max Cap: 19.1pF
Max Voltage: 1200Vrms
8:1 Reduction Drive (8 Turns of Shaft = 1 Blade Rotation)

(Drop-in replacement for the 26-152 & 26-152P capacitors and the reduction drive unit, that goes into the Heathkit HW-8 transceiver.)


The original 26-152 is now an obsolete configuration (our old NS-51 series), but we’ve replaced it with our still-current N50 series. Because the N50 is longer than the NS-51, this kit includes a new bracket, and replaces the original stand-alone reduction drive unit with the integral (built-in) reduction drive unit within the capacitor itself. We also provide a bushing to mount the original dial (but not the dial itself). This replacement kit will have the same curve (relationship between capacitance and rotor angle) as the original cap, and will have one significant advantage: With the original planetary drive unit, output torque was very high, and users would frequently damage the capacitor by inadvertently trying to tune past the capacitor’s hard stops at min and max capacitance. This new unit is designed to slip at these stops, without damaging the capacitor.