Contract Assembly

Our CAD/CAM capabilities, CNC machining department, stamping department, and in-house tool-and-die department help to streamline the process of new product development, reducing time to market.

OEP’s engineers work hand in hand with our customers’ engineers to syntheize and refine designs, develop and test prototypes and plan and implement full production in many different fields, such as:

  •   – Commercial and Industrial Equipment
  •   – Medical Instrumentation and Devices
  •   – Semiconductor Fabrication Equipment

OEP has successfully bid on a broad range of jobs with respect to technical depth and complexity because of our: Ability and experience working with exotic materials, including

  • – Beryllium copper
  • – UltemĀ©
  • – Modern ceramics
  • – Soldering
  • – Riveting
  • – Presswork

  • – 1200 sq. ft. class 10,000 cleanroom
  • – 40,000 sq. ft. total production area