Custom Capacitor Quotation

OEP’s ability to manufacture subcomponents in-house (particularly via flexible processes like CNC machining) enables us to produce highly customized assemblies with short lead times at low cost.

  • Non-Standard configurations
  • Built to customer’s specs
  • Developed and designed jointly with customers
  • Custom engineered by OEP to perform electrically and mechanically to fit customer’s requirements
  • Specializing in drop-in replacements; dimensional and electrical match
  • Fixed Air Capacitors also available

Please complete the form below to receive pricing and delivery information on custom capacitors from Oren Elliott Products. If you are interested in pricing on multiple items, please complete a separate form for each product.

Once we receive your completed form, we will provide pricing and delivery information, which can be ordered and purchased online using our Custom Capacitor Order & Payment Form.

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